Pregnancy relaxation classes announcement!

You might be wondering why has it been so quiet around here lately, well, it’s because of my beautiful little bundle of joy who came into our world to turn it upside down with love, lots of smiles and lots of sleepless nights.

I had yoga in my life for around 9 years now and it has always been a huge help in managing stress in my personal and professional life but as I was to see, it had an even bigger impact during my pregnancy.

I practiced yoga my whole pregnancy, even when I was sick during the first months and tired, and exhausted, and forgetful and sick again. It helped me relax, ease pain, release the anxiety of giving birth and becoming a first time mom and overall to experience the pregnancy and the joy in silence.

If you are like me, the thought of giving birth for the first time (and even second or third because no pregnancy is the same) might leave you a bit terrified. Maybe you already have one or more children, you work full time or even have two jobs. What is 100% certain is that the stress doesn’t lessen just because you are now pregnant.
Before going on maternity leave, I was working full time in retail, in one of the biggest and busiest shops in an outlet village in UK. Working with people, in a big team, during the pandemic, had definitely added to the stress I was feeling daily.

When I found out I was pregnant, last year in June 2021, I knew I had to do something alongside my yoga practice to bring some relaxation in my life. Being pregnant is tough. You feel like all you want to do is sleep all day and if you are lucky and feel sick at random times of the day like I was, well.. you really need to be kind to yourself and take it easy as much as you can. During my pregnancy I discovered the relaxation sessions especially designed for pregnancy and I experienced first hand how amazing you can feel during and after one of these sessions.

These weekly moments were just for me and my baby, my moments of heavenly peace, of being free of to do lists and running around.
I know how useful these classes were for me and my mental health during pregnancy so I decided to start sharing with you, all the future moms out there who might be feeling anxious, stressed out, tired, forgetful, scared of giving birth, maybe with some aches and pains in your body, just how amazing it can be to be able to relax and let go of everything for at least 1 hour weekly.

So, these sessions are for you if:
– you want to enjoy a moment of deep relaxation together with your partner;
-you want to be able to experience your pregnant body more;
-you just want to slow down;
-you want to connect with your baby;
-you want to improve your sleep;
-you would love to feel more relaxed and prepared for birth;
-you want to become more aware of your breath and experience how the breath awareness can support you in your pregnancy and birth;
-you don’t have the time and energy to go out of the house and would like to be able to relax in the comfort of your own home.

In these virtual sessions I will be using breath awareness, visualisation exercises, progressive relaxation techniques, yoga nidra and hypnobirthing inspiration, all to help you achieve a better sleep, improved breathing, improved levels of energy and less anxiety related to birth, with the use of affirmations.
The biggest advantage of joining online is that you don’t need to leave your house, you can join even in your pyjamas, use your favourite blanket and even lay on your sofa or armchair.
P.S. I can’t guarantee you won’t fall asleep!

If you are interested, please email ( or to book your place, sessions start on the 31.10.2022, every Monday and Tuesday 19:00-20:00 UK time.
You can pay in blocks of 4 weeks, £20 or pay as you go, £7 per class.

Published by Namastayzenyoga

I have started my yoga journey more than 8 years ago, when I was working as a sales agent and I was suffering from back pain. Since then, yoga became a part of who I am and the more I learned over the years, the more I realized that I want to go deeper into what yoga really is. I started my formal training 4 years ago, with my 8 months foundation course that was an introduction to yoga philosophy, chakras, pranayama techniques, meditation and relaxation. After I finished this course, in 2017 I started my 500 hours Diploma Yoga teacher training with British Wheel of Yoga and I got the chance to find out so many interesting things that I can't wait to share with you in my classes. My style of teaching is inclusive, gentle and beginner friendly. I teach Hatha yoga style, but I integrate Vinyasa Yoga elements into my classes as well for who is up for a challenge. Yoga has changed my turned my life upside down and now I feel it's time to pass it on.

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