The lessons we receive from the Universe

Lessons form the Universe

Today I will write about the lessons that we receive from the Universe…And why we keep getting stuck in the same situation over and over again.

You know those same people, situations, experiences that piss you off but you keep going through the same thing over and over again? It probably feels like spinning around in circles, right?

And when you think you got your lesson, BOOM! You get it again, obviously a little bit different this time, but the lesson never changes.

If you know me, or you have read my posts before, you probably know about my need for control, about how I want things to go my way, about how irritated I am when I have to change my plans (even though I am most of the times a flexible person) and how I like to plan in advance. Oh well, things have changed for me in the last year, a lot!!!

And my major lesson was to stop getting attached to my plans, to learn to accept and trust what comes. In some situations, I had to stop planning everything all together because of how unpredictable everything was.

The same message kept coming for me in the last 5 years, in different circumstances. But the lessons kept coming. And do you know why the Universe keeps sending you the same lessons over and over again?

Remember the tests you were getting in school? You get multiple tests before you can pass your final exam. The beautiful thing about the Universe is that it gives us pleeeenty of learning opportunities. It gives us some time to absorb it, to get our heads around it and when we think we got it, the Universe has a weird sense of humour and sends us some more learning opportunities.

For me, personally, has been quite challenging to let go of my expectations and my need to control the outcome. When I wanted something desperately, it never happened. What I always wanted and needed, always came to me WHEN I LEARNED TO LET GO OF WHAT I THOUGHT WAS MEANT TO COME. The beauty of the Universe is that YOU JUST NEED TO TRUST THAT WHAT WILL COME TO YOU IS BETTER THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT.

When I thought I wanted a certain house, the owner changed its mind and didn’t want to sell it anymore. I was upset, I cried for 2 days, I couldn’t see passed the whole situation because I was overwhelmed with emotions. What we ended it up buying, was one house I haven’t even considered at the beginning, that was over our budget (the owners suddenly decided to drop the price the night before we went to view it) and was quite far from my preferred location. Do you guys see what the Universe did here?

The moment I stopped being stubborn about what I wanted and started trusting the process, something way better came to me.

I am still learning, I am still getting nudges from the Universe that there might still be some lessons for me, but now I say more often that whatever is right for me, it will happen at the right time.

We are forever students, no matter what is our age, our job, our financial status. The Universe is our teacher, even though the lessons tend to change over the time, but I urge you to start paying attention to that same situation that keeps coming up for you and try to understand your lesson.

What is the lesson that you keep getting from the Universe?

Published by Namastayzenyoga

I have started my yoga journey more than 8 years ago, when I was working as a sales agent and I was suffering from back pain. Since then, yoga became a part of who I am and the more I learned over the years, the more I realized that I want to go deeper into what yoga really is. I started my formal training 4 years ago, with my 8 months foundation course that was an introduction to yoga philosophy, chakras, pranayama techniques, meditation and relaxation. After I finished this course, in 2017 I started my 500 hours Diploma Yoga teacher training with British Wheel of Yoga and I got the chance to find out so many interesting things that I can't wait to share with you in my classes. My style of teaching is inclusive, gentle and beginner friendly. I teach Hatha yoga style, but I integrate Vinyasa Yoga elements into my classes as well for who is up for a challenge. Yoga has changed my turned my life upside down and now I feel it's time to pass it on.

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